Choosing a new role as an up and coming leader can be a very difficult process and is one of those areas where I notice often paralyses normally decicive people. Most leaders are very good at objectively looking at new roles in comparison to status quo but often leave out some critical objectives which may make the decision making process must more effective.

The comment that I provide all of my mentees is "make sure you are the dumbest person in the team you are about to join". We all know the retention statistics tell us that the number one reason for people leaving a role is the relationship that person has with their manager. However, did you know that if you only look at 'leaders' and retention then the second most documented reason for leaving is the intellectual challenge that the role provides.

If all of your colleagues are not challenging you or provide you little peer learning, then you will find yourself in 6 months looking again for a new role. It's fascinating how much you grow when you are surrounded by excellence - Make sure you add that to your interview questions!
22/7/2023 09:01:18 pm

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