I was amazed a few weeks ago to see one of our major airlines claiming 'we get you there on time'. Wow... when did doing what you are supposed to do become superior customer service and possibly a business differenciator? Have we become so average that just doing what we are in business to do becomes something to market ourselves... come on!

Amazing customer service comes from doing something that surprises and delights customers. Its a sad day if just doing what you are supposed to do delights your customers. If it does, then pick up your game and make a real difference. 

As customers of all types of products and services, lets make a pact not to reward companies that just turn up. Lets reward those who take their role seriously and WOW us .... and make sure you let so many people know. Together we need to teach all organisations to get serious about us, the customers... or find something else to do..... and do it with passion!  

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