Being placed in a Leadership role is a real honour. Lets break it down, you are being now responsible for the development, direction and ultimately success of your direct reports .... how amazing is that. In most cultures and even in the animal world this responsibility is given only to the best.

One thing that just blows me away is how little we think about the honour that has been bestowed upon us. This is a big deal and many leaders really only see this as a wrung in the ladder to getting to the top (whatever that means). Being a true leader means making a difference to a whole group of others lives. The old adage 'its all about me' does not fit here - its all about them!

Imagine turning up to work tomorrow and the only thing that was on your 'to do' list was - Make a significant difference to the lives and careers of all your direct reports. I can tell you now, all the goals you have set or been set by your manager would be achieved twice over.

Real Amazing Leaders harness the skills and passions of their people and make them reach for the stars - its your job to allow them to do it.
14/7/2012 08:36:25 am

Great post, thank you.


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